ISSUE 1-2016
Bogdana Kostyuk Roman Temnikov
Igor Yakovenko Gleb Cherkasov
Bogdan Oleksyuk Ľubor Matejko
Лубор Матейко
Pavel Venzera

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The editorial of the last number of Russkii vopros in 2015 was finished by following words: “If you did not find new issue of Russkii vopros оn this place in 2016; it will mean that all is ok on the territory of former U.S.S.R.” If we are here to present to our readers new issue of the journal it means, according to fundamental laws of logic, that there are always issues worth to be described.

Moreover, we have a fully understandable fear that only some issues were covered by our authors whereas other also very important topics remained outside of our attention:

However, three materials are devoted to the Orthodox Church; the material about reasons of rather specific understanding of the world which demonstrated Patriarch Kirill speaking about “tchelovekopoklonichestvo” as an heresy and principal threat for human kind is missing.

However, other contributions are focused on ancient as well as current history; you do not find here the material dealing with recently made subordination of Russian archives to President Putin, recalling Orwell´s sentence: “He who controls the past controls the future.”

However, some articles speak also about corruption, the material analyzing various attitudes to “Panama papers” as an interesting acid test of the condition of democracy and freedom of speech in touched countries, is also missing.

However, there are articles describing the situation of Russian opposition, we did not manage to publish the material discussing possible connection between worsening situation of Vladimir Putin and recent establishment of National Guard as possible analogy of Praetorian Guard.

However, other three contributions examine the situation in Ukraine, the material explaining intentions of new coalition government is not here. But in this case it is not our fault.

This state of matters can have various reasons. We are not going to analyze them in details here because one thing is more import for us; it is the obvious the fact that Russkii vopros will have a lot of topics for its next fifteen years.

Let´s take the last sentence above as a reminder of the fifteenth anniversary of our journal.   

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