ISSUE 2-2015
Valerii Pekar Владимир Воронов Игорь Тышкевич
Владимир Невежин Ярослав Шимов
Анатолий Балинов Виктор Трегубов
Pavel Vitek
Pavel Venzera

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This year we celebrated 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This anniversary our journal could not omit as we could not omit previous year anniversary of another world conflict. Interview with Czech historian Vít Smetana, focused on complicated situation connected with assessment of WWII and its results, opens new issue of Russkii vopros. Article by Professor Vladimir Nevezhin analyses changes of Soviet war propaganda closely before June 1941. Jaroslav Shimov, historian and journalist, in the same column compares atmosphere around celebration of the end of the WWII nowadays and ten years ago. Good idea but not too encouraging reading.

It is a sad fact but the theme of the war is not only object of the historical research it is also part of everyday reality in Ukraine facing its northern neighbour aggression. We can often hear from Moscow voices criticizing activities of Ukrainian army against separatists supported by Russia. Maybe it can be useful to come a couple years back and to recall how Russian Prime-Minister then Vladimir Putin waged war against Chechnya. Article by journalist Vladimir Voronov provides us with such opportunity.

However, situation in the country is more than complex it is necessary to realize substantial reforms if Ukraine wants to join European integration project. Article by Valeriy Pekar presents his understanding of current state of matters and outlines some perspectives. Ukrainian leadership, maybe inspired by Nestor´s Tale of Bygone Years, where we can find famous address to Varyags “Our land is large and rich, but there is no order in it. Come and be princes, and rule over us”, decide to invite to the countryseveral politicians and experts from abroad who should help to break various vices and stereotypes. The biggest echo was provoked by appointment of former president Mikheil Saakashvili to the post of governor of Odessa oblast. We addressed two authors and proposed them to answer question if positive historical experience with Varyags could be repeated.

The short review of the book Zrod velmoci, written by Czech authors and translated into Russian (2015), proves the fact how complicated is to predict anything in Russia. If Russia is country with unpredictable past what we can say about its future? Particularly now.

We wish you pleasant and we hope also inspirational time with our journal.         


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