ISSUE 4-2014
Богдана Костюк
Отар Довженко Олег Панфилов Александр Скаков
Владислав Голдин Михаил Видейко Максим Оськин Дмитрий Адаменко
Victor Chirila
Михаил Видейко
Владимир Воронов

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The fact that Russian President will not participate at commemoration of 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz, was commented that Mr. Putin had felt recently discomfort in company of European and world leaders who were not so long ago his partners. Putin’s stampede from summit of G 20 in Brisbane, where soft-hearted koala only felt for him, could indicate that he started really prefer to stay at home being surrounded by respect and admiration.

Occupation of Crimea and proceeding aggression against Ukraine could be sufficient reasons why his former partners have been also more contented without him. However, there is one maybe even more important cause. Putin and his cronies have stepped of red line when they based their policy on a blatant leasing that they practice even in the intimate contacts with their foreign partners.

Nobody can say that lie is something absolutely unknown in politics but there are certain limits which should not be crossed. If leasing became almost a norm in the contact with own nation it does not mean that the same Russian politicians can practice abroad with the similar success. The opposite is true. Current Russian representatives, often stressing national traditions and conservative values, should respect an old Russian proverb speaking about charter which is better to leave at home before going to the monastery.

Apart from pack of lies in Ukrainian case there are also various misinterpretations of Russian history which are not so dangerous for Putin’s image abroad because they are designated predominantly for internal use. However, it does not mean that these misinterpretations do not have their own impact on relationship between Russians and its neighbourhood. Putin, proposing very specific interpretations of history, has gradually painted a picture of hostile and ungrateful world. In his, not too original, understanding of rule existence of enemy makes life of monarch easier. The question is how long? 

We have heard a good many tales about Russian history which Vladimir Vladimirovich tells with so big keenness and other innovations are waiting for us in near future. In current time Russian President has dedicated himself to history of the Great War.

Even dilettantes can reach interesting results during their excursions in the preserve of science, although, the problem is if they have power to impose their opinions to others. Historicizing Russian President has such possibility and mainstream of Russian historiography starts looking according to this sad fact. One visit of sometime famous book-shop Biblio-globus in Moscow provides us with a living proof.

However, the Great War is too serious topic to be discredited by expedient interpretations therefore Russkii vopros addressed real historians and asked them to prepare contributions to the history of the Great War in Russian and Ukrainian context. We chose various attitudes and topics to stress huge extent of the issue where we can find a number of parallels with hectic times which we are living now.

Discussing possible parallels, the most alarming is the fact with such easiness mankind danced into then unprecedented conflict and how quickly it was able to repeat other one even more horrible. We present these articles with hope that ancient saying Historia magistra vitæ has preserved its validity. 

We devoted current issue to memory of all victims of the Great War. 

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