ISSUE 2-2014
Богдан Олексюк Игорь Тышкевич Эльхан Шахиноглу
Елена Самойлова Марина Тригубенко
Stefan Meister
Михаил Видейко
Богдана Костюк

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At the time when new issue of our journal was finalized there was killed a man in Russian Donetsk by a shell which flew into the town from the Ukrainian side. We have been used to hear about killed people in Ukrainian Donetsk where mercenaries supported by Moscow have already rampaged for several months but news from Russian Donetsk it was something new. Moscow immediately accused Kyiv and threatened by irreversible consequences. In this context various questions and answers have come in mind.

First of all, who pushed ominous button? Was it a mistake made by Ukrainian soldiers or was it another Russian provocation which we have witnessed every day since Russia launched an aggression against Ukraine?

A similar event (so called Mainila incident) the U.S.S.R in 1939 used as a justification for attack on Finland. Could this stray shell also provoke war between Russia and Ukraine or provide Moscow with reason for even more engagement in the conflict?

Can we believe statements made by official Moscow if various higher Russian representatives with serious faces several times repeated during ongoing occupation of Crimea that Russian soldiers were not involved in the operation?

Finally, would have the citizen in Russian Donetsk been killed if Russia had not provoked the conflict in Eastern part of Ukraine and had not massively supported local and sent by it gunmen? 

Answers to these questions are very closely associated with positions of these who are questioned. Who believes that Russia is not involved in the conflict and brave opolchentsi have only been defending Eastern Ukraine against benderovtsi will support Ukrainian origin of the rocket. Who thinks that Russia provoked the whole conflict and is going to escalate it, will point finger to Moscow.

Overviewing last issues of our journal, one can realize that is in the same situation. Our authors expressed very different even very opposite points of view. Russian authors have predominately described February 2014 and following events occurred in Ukraine as a coup d’état in the country. Their Ukrainian counter partners have understood the same events as an expulsion of the clan of thefts and expression of a will of Ukrainian nation to live in democratic regime.

Journal has also provoked very different reactions of late. One part of our readers has accused us that we had become too pro-Russian; the second one has advocated completely opposing views. In fact our editorial policy has stayed the same, i.e., to provide our authors with possibility to express each opinion keeping elementary rules of good manners.

Thus we have stayed the same but circumstances have become different. However, we recognize it we are going to continue in our editorial policy because it is necessary to know how we think in very different ways about the same issues.       

 July 16, 2014


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