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Pavel Vitek

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By Pavel Vitek | Researcher in Politics, the Czech Republic | Issue 3, 2011

A French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote that “the heart has the reasons that the reason cannot know". If somebody wants to become a supporter of Yulia Tymoshenko she/he should remember Pascal’s thesis very thoroughly. If you want to be a Tymoshenko’s supporter you should also realize that she will think instead of you. It is one of the most important tasks. Yula will ask for the biggest possible obedience in this case. She is said to know only two opinions: hers and a false one.

Our heroine likes the white colour as a symbol of purity and honesty of her intentions and deeds. She also tries to present her deputies in this way and sometimes she forces them to appear in public dressed in white shirts. They do not look very good, it is even possible to say they look ridiculously and they do not elicit an intended impression. But there is problem that Ms. Tymoshenko loves symbolism so much.

Around her she would also like to have a group of cobelligerents resembling a flock of seagulls Jonathans. Maybe it is a nice idea but poor Yula has forgotten that the birds are visitant creatures, what her deputies confirm relatively often when they leave their native flock looking for a better mouthful. Moreover, it is very difficult to expect that with her problematic past and present she could manage to attract real Jonathans in her flock. Briefly said, Yula with her fading flock of Jonathans does not present the attractive future for Ukraine. However, to send Tymoshenko to jail is too much in order to prevent Ukraine from such a future.

There is not any doubt that it would be possible to find not the only reason why to do it. Her sins have been noticed many times and it would be useless to repeat them here again. For all that her sentence cannot be taken as fair. Misusing, or better said, selective use of justice is too evident. If instigators of the trial would sit on a defendant’s bench together with Tymoshenko, we could speak about an unbiased process. However, the problem would arise: Ukraine would be left without the government.

The official authorities can try to explain that there is not any political reason why Tymoshenko should be imprisoned but we can trust them as much as Tymoshenko’s seagulls. There are more reasons why the party of power needs this trial: political, personal and we also can smell gas. Nevertheless, the effort to eliminate Tymoshenko as the only serious opponent in the upcoming election has become more evident.

The last doubts whether this calculation is present in the trial against Tymoshenko were rebutted when the Supreme Council approved the bill on the election. The key enemy is behind bars and the rest of any potential opposition will be defeated with the help of the new election law. It is a sad Ukrainian reality that the so-called opposition tries to convince us that as a matter of fact it is its victory. Yatsenyuk’s verbal equilibristic - The new bill on election in Ukraine, approved taking in consideration all proposals of the opposition is „miracle“ occurred due to pressure of the West - will enter name of Arseniy Petrovich in the history of burying the democracy in Ukraine. Mr. Yatsenyuk can have a very bizarre understanding of miracles but the fact is that Ukraine is coming back to the times when elections there were a farce the result of which was decided by bribery and pressure.

For the democracy in Ukraine the new law represents a more dangerous threat than the trial with Tymoshenko. This trial is a sad fact but we are dealing with the one-off liquidation of the political opponent but in the case of the new law Ukraine faces the effort to destroy the base of democratic system systematically. Tymoshenko´s case should not become a smoke screen concealing this maneuver.

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