ISSUE 2-2013
Раду Врабие Tomasz Stępniewski Peter Plenta
Ярослав Шимов Любовь Сидорова
Игорь Тышкевич
Тарас Шульга
Рафик Исмаилов Владимир Воронов

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Dear readers,

This issue of the journal consists of two thematic parts. Since the journal could not omit centennial anniversary of the October revolution, there are several articles discussing various aspects of this event, especially its echo nowadays.  Even authors choice of terms  referring to the event – starting  with the Great Russian revolution to the October overthrow- mirrors various assessment of the October 1917. Different attitude to the topic is also visible in different usage of capital and lowercase letters in word October in Russian written texts. English makes the situation easier. 

Some authors make in their contributions parallels between situation of Russia hundred years ago and now. One of them concludes that there are similar moments particularly if we consider international position of Russia now and then. Some current processes ongoing in Russia are in the spotlight of another group of published articles. They describe complicated development of Russia-U.S.A. relationship, map possible impact of US sanctions on Russian neighbours and study level of dependence of previous Soviet Republics on former the only centre of gravity. Last two mentioned articles are again result of the work of young researchers in politics.

Somebody could expect that the October revolution in the year of its titanium jubilee would initiate  a vivid discussions in Russia, particularly about its impact on further development of the country, but this presentiment has stayed behind expectation yet. Debates about crucial points connected with October 1917 have been in Russian society covered by the cloud of stormy disputes about the movie Matilda depicting the story of the relationship between tsar Nikolai II and ballerina.

These quarrels accompanied by extremist fades demonstrate that the history can sometimes have an explosive potential. Such potential is proportional to the space that serious research and ruling establishment leave for more or less dangerous adventure seekers.

Speaking about serious scientific research in Russia it is possible to state that number of Russian historians have done a piece of valuable job to fill the space with reliable findings and limit speculations. In the case of the assessment of activities of the current Russian establishment one cannot be sure.

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